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this guy and we are worried if he is near the bomb or blew up two people. chris christie may have known about a traffic jam and the world has to end. >> it is true. we live in a troubled time. did we go to you yet? >> one more thing though. maybe it is because she is a woman. >> oh. >> i don't hear of many female terrorists. >> there are a few, but that could have sliped by. >> aren't all females terrorists in a way, joanne a? >> well, i do, yes. my victims. there are many with broken hearts. >> literally. >> while being interviewed if she had her [bleep] i can understand being distracted. i can't even remember what my question is. you are like bah, bah, bah. >> i don't even know how you can tell the difference. that's how you are all the time. >> good point. >> all right, coming up, my birthday, it's in september. i wear size 8. >> liar. size 8 dress? >> does monogamy make you stupider? >>> should they ban giving kids a hand? that sounds weird. parents at a youth basketball game in idaho, where i go to all of my games were told to remain silent during the likely boring contest. the par
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1